1. The Right Way
    Joe Joe talks to us about doing things in life and in ministry the right way. Allow yourself to get to a place with the Lord that all ambition and characteristics that are not of God to die.
  2. Realignments
    Joe Joe discusses how in this season that you will have to embrace 5 different things. These encouragements will help you in your next level.
  3. True Apostles
    In this video, Joe Joe teaches not only what is a true apostle, but gives 14 truths that defines them. He encourages how to identify an apostle and how the alignment brings life.
  4. 8 Earmarks of Apostolic Ministry
    Joe Joe discusses what it means to be an apostolic church, ministry or hub. He breaks down 8 aspects that truly define what it means to be an apostolic ministry.
  5. Atmospheres
    In this video, Joe Joe discusses how apostles and apostolic people help to cultivate atmospheres. Have you cultivated an atmosphere where you and others can thrive? ​
  6. Moments & Movements
    In this video, Joe Joe discusses why moments with God can be so powerful. When we say "yes" to God in a moment, then God can use us to birth movements.
  7. Many Streams, One River
    In this video, Joe Joe teaches on the many streams that flow in the river of God. You can never properly flow in the river of God if you are stuck in one stream. It is important to connect with and glean from many different streams.
  8. Nazarite Pioneers
    In this video, Joe Joe shares apostolic insight about that will step up and pioneer with a Nazarite spirit. God is raising up His Nazarite pioneers for such a time as this. They will blaze the trail for the move of God that is coming!
  9. Manifesting The Kingdom
    In this video, Joe Joe discusses the role of apostolic ministry in manifesting the Kingdom. Our purpose is to manifest the Kingdom of God wherever we go. Whether it’s in our family, ministry, business, city or region, we are who God uses to see His Kingdom come in the earth.​ ​
  10. Building Time
    In this video, Joe Joe encourages you that it's building time! Now is not the time to be sitting or pondering whatever God has called you to do, it's time to build it!
  11. Generations of Paul's Arising
    In this video, Joe Joe discusses a generation of apostolic people who, like the Apostle Paul, will become free from the opinions of man and be an unstoppable force for the Kingdom of God.