In this video, Joe Joe unpacks how Kingdom breakthrough and increase are for Kingdom purposes. What God does in your life is meant to impact those around you.


For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  // Ephesians 2:10

Roar U: Always Dream Big

Joe Joe and Autumn live out their dreams on purpose. They are motivated to move forward in their purpose because they have heard from God about their destiny. They are passionate about not only living out their dreams but seeing others come alive in their individual purpose and destiny.  
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Article of the Week

In this article, Joe Joe discusses John 14:21 and how manifesting the greater works of the Kingdom of God are part of our destiny. 

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Keys of Purpose

30 Day Challenge

Overcoming Discouragement

No Natural Thinking

In this video, Joe Joe challenges us to take the next 30 days and go after that one thing you are believing for in prayer. Focused times of specific prayer can bring so much breakthrough. If you take this challenge, you will see the faithfulness of God come through for you!

In this video, Autumn shares strategic keys to overcome discouragement as we pursue our destiny. Your situation is not hopeless, your breakthrough is right around the corner! Listen as Autumn shares about overcoming discouragement.

In this video, Joe Joe shares the importance of thinking with a kingdom mindset instead of thinking naturally. You cannot do the supernatural things of God if you are a natural thinker.

Waiting To Be Released

Your Freedom

What If?

In this video, Joe Joe encourages those that are waiting to be released into their destiny. God is preparing you for your next season in this season. When God knows you are ready, He will release you!

In this video, Autumn challenges you to consider what you are doing with your freedom. Are you just thankful you're no longer where you used to be or are you using your freedom to impact others? Listen as Autumn shares about freedom.

​​In this video, Joe Joe encourages you to ask, "what if?" What if you stepped out to pursue your destiny before you had all of the answers? What if you said "yes" before it made sense? 


Overflow - Overdrawn

Open Doors

Wrong Horse

In this video, Joe Joe shares prophetic insight into a season of moving from being overdrawn to stepping into overflow.

In this video, Joe Joe shares key insight into the open doors to your destiny and connecting you to the right people at the right time.


In this video, Joe Joe shares key insight to overcome the rejection and opinion of man in order to pursue the fullness of your destiny.


 Dreams, Destiny & Purpose Teachings



   In this video, Joe Joe shares insight on the journey God takes us on to our destiny. Everything starts as a dream and there are 12 D's we encounter on the way to our destiny.